About Us


We know you want to be a veterinarian, first and foremost. But two of the biggest headaches you experience every single day running your practice are marketing and human resources.

Today, you can’t sustain or grow your clinic without online marketing or social media. And you also need a great team and a great culture to help you achieve your goals. But you may not have the time, knowledge or depth of expertise to do either effectively on your own.

Right now you have two choices: Give up equity and a majority interest in your practice to a third party that will relieve you of these functions, OR continue to suffer with the status quo.

But what if neither of these work for you?

Well, that’s where we come in with a third option: SIMPLY. STAND. OUT.

Our marketing services will give you the digital presence you need to attract new clients, and engage existing ones, while our HR services will help to hire, manage and engage your employees and locums while meeting your various legal obligations.

Vets and Pets Marketing Solutions provides our Clients with the ever-evolving marketing strategies needed to make your clinic stand out but abide by regulations.  We are seasoned in wholesale nfl jerseys the veterinary industry and most notably the Canadian advertising and marketing expectations set out by veterinary governing bodies.  We understand where the veterinary industry has been, and we also understand how it has evolved and continues to evolve.

Vets and Pets Marketing Solutions allows for Practice Owners and Managers to focus on pet health and leave clinic marketing to us; Social Media Management, Website Design, Public Relations, Reputation Management, wholesale nhl jerseys 2021 Video Marketing, Blog Content Creation, SEO and Strategy Consulting, News Release Distribution, Human Resource Consulting, Fax/Email/Flyer Distribution, and Speaking Engagements

We do not offer pre-selected marketing options or cookie cutter suggestions to be shared across the board to veterinary clinics, but spend designated time in clinic and work with your team to ensure the marketing messages we’re sending to pet parents is customized to you!

Call us now to discuss how our work can give you peace of mind, and get you back to doing what you love to do most: 416.456.1572