Relationship Marketing: Connecting With Your Clients

Relationship Marketing

Ready to MASTER your Relationship Marketing skills and start connecting with your clients?


Traditional marketing is yesterday’s news. Having a focus on building client loyalty will put you ahead of your competition because the good news is, not everyone has jumped on the relationship marketing bandwagon just yet. 

If you only see a client for the transaction potential when they’re standing in front of you, and you up-sell, and up-sell, and up-sell items or services they necessarily need at the moment, you risk losing credibility and trust with them. Focus on building a relationship with your client.  Their experience with you will be worth it’s weight in gold and I promise you you’ll profit on a far larger scale over time.




This new marketing approach for those in business, rescue, and even the charity world will ensure you keep your clients or donors happy and feeling like they are important to you.  

In this 60 minutes presentation, we’ll discuss the many layers of this trending marketing strategy.


Topics Include:

  • What is Relationship Marketing?
  • Benefits to Relationship Marketing
  • Competitive Edge
  • Social Media Connection
  • Relationship Marketing in Action
  • Bonus X 2 (Expiring August 19, 2016 and September 1, 2016)



Mentioned in presentation: 

A step by step guide: How to Deal with Negative Reviews

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