Which Social Media Platform is for You?

Which Social Media is for you


Which social media platform is for you? When you’re done reading this blog, you’ll know which social media platform will work best for your veterinary practice.  When I tell people I’m a Digital Marketing Consultant, I usually get the look that says “oh, she plays on social media all day”.  There are so many social media networks now available as viable and effective marketing channels, that also seem to be ever changing daily, that Digital Marketing Consultants have seemingly endless tasks, of which playing is rarely one of them.  The lack of posts and engagement on my personal social media can attest to that.

So where does one start when trying to decide on the social media platforms that best reach your audience?  I suggest you focus on 2, go for 3 platforms if you’re really ambitious, but don’t spread yourself too thin leaving you with very little time for content engagement.







Facebook is leading the social media world, though many other platforms are closing in.  Facebook remains my favourite social media option for the veterinary world to find new clients and keep current clients loyal.  Facebook has proven that its popularity amongst users is here to stay with it’s amazing storytelling options.  It’s a place pet parents go to be entertained, browse through cute pet photos, stay updated on happenings in their circles, and engage and be social with those that are important to them, which hopefully includes your business if you’re doing it right!!



Twitter is where people share their opinions, and find out what’s happening in the world right now.  Use Twitter to find relevant conversations to the pet world and jump in where you can add value.  Twitter is not warm and fuzzy like Facebook can be, but engagement often comes from strangers, which gives you an opportunity to build valuable connections you often won’t find on other platforms.



Adorable pet pictures and short videos is what Instagram is all about and our veterinary clinics are abundant with content that works perfectly for Instagram.  You need to get well versed in the world of #hashtags, but with a little practice I’m sure you’ll find followers quickly.  To keep followers, entrust your Instagram presence to someone in who understands how to focus on what makes a great, provocative, engaging image and videos that stand out in the noisy world of Instagram.



Google+ comes packed with a number of powerful features to interact with customers including Pages, Profiles, Circles, Community, and Hangouts.  Managing a marketing strategy with Google+ takes some experience and devoted time spent.  Of all platforms, I would leave this one to a professional as it is a true workhorse for business, as the impact of this social network on search engine ranking is 2nd to none. Ladies and Gentlemen, don’t not leave Google+ behind.  It’s a must.



I turn to LinkedIn often when recruiting for veterinary clinic clients,though increasingly, people turn to LinkedIn to learn more about a clinic or veterinarian.  Make this social media platform a one-stop shop for potential clients looking to learn more about you or your business.



I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE live video, though I know it’s not for everyone.  I pride myself on working with my veterinarian clients to make them comfortable in front of the camera be it video, television, and now Periscope, that made its debut May 2015.  Build your personal brand as an expert by offering in-the-moment clinic videos, live Q&A sessions, feature behind the scenes moments, hold press interviews and share your thoughts with journalists all over the world, and though I hope you never find yourself in need of this option; Periscope can be used to resolve PR problems after a major catastrophe.  As a side note, with the new release of Facebook Live in 2016, I think this option will surpass the popularity that Periscope held.



You Tube offers all the options that Periscope or Facebook Live offers, but for those not ready to connect with the vulnerability that live streaming offers, you can find comfort in recorded video.  The beauty of You Tube are the amazing analytics it offers and the sharing of your videos across many other social media platforms to expand your audience.



I see clinics on Pinterest, but I have yet to come across a new client in my years of veterinary marketing that has already been on Pinterest actively.  Pinterest is basically a digital pin board, a place where people can collate and categorize anything visually appealing to them, or informative blog articles they’d like to refer back too or share in their circle. Pinterest provides the opportunity for veterinary clinics to demonstrate their expertise and credibility in the industry.



I’m a little late to the Snapchat world, but I’m quickly becoming obsessed with it.  Though Snapchat may not be a veterinary clinics target audience with the age range being 13 – 37 (100 million daily active users), it can be a great way to capture some screenshots for fun content (Face Swap with your staff) to share on other social media platforms.  Snapchat was created in the spirit of having fun while connecting with the people or companies users love most. Companies who will be successful at Snapchat should heed this same spirit if they want their marketing campaign to be successful.


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