Vets and Pets Facebook Community


This FREE Facebook Community ( was designed to help surround you with veterinary and pet industry professionals, offering you a place that you can engage with people who “get” you.  People who understand the industry ups and downs.

People who are here to answer questions you have, give feedback and provide support because it’s important to know you’re not alone.

And most importantly this group is for people who are committed to growing their practice or business and looking for ways to think beyond traditional industry marketing boundaries and create an exciting digital footprint pet parents will notice.

This is a two-way street sorta group! That means you need to actively take part and help others in order to receive help for yourself.

My promise to you is to maintain a supportive, respectful, environment that will improve your pet industry marketing.


Group Admin Contact: Denise Angus


Conversations are welcomed 24/7 of course but we’ll also have specific threads that encourage specific discussions on specific days as a bonus.


“Marketing Mission Monday” 
Tell us your Marketing Mission goals on Monday’s thread and let’s hold each other accountable.  Also a great time to bounce ideas off one another and explore new marketing avenues.

“Talk It Up Tuesday” 

Be sure to check out each other’s work in the “Talk It Up Tuesday” thread and support one another by visiting the listed websites, blogs, and social media pages.

“Work It Wednesday” 
If you are looking to hire someone to work with you, post it in this thread. Stand-alone request posts will be deleted outside of the thread. 
“Thursday Tips & Tricks” 

A great thread to drill down on the latest marketing tips & tricks customized to the veterinary and pet industry.  The marketing world is ever evolving.  There’s always lots to talk about.  

“Fumble Friday ” 

Sometimes our weeks are grueling and more so when we’ve F*uck’d Up.  Let’s take a moment to own it, share it, and get over it on this thread.   You’re going to make mistakes and you’re going to feel frustrated by it all.  However, I guarantee you’re going to learn something big in the process and by sharing you can help others not make the same mistakes —which is what Fumble Friday is really all about!


“Success Saturday” 

Tell us all about your clinic and business successes for the week.  We want to celebrate with you on this thread!
“Sizzling Sunday” 

Ask your burning marketing or business question on this thread.  Let’s get you some answers!


1. Don’t come in with a motive. 
Instead, show up with the intention to connect, serve and help. 
2. When creating a post, make it fun, original and helpful. 
Nobody wants to read a long drawn out post about nothing.  We come to social media to have fun and feel good.  Make your posts engage worthy.
3. If you show up just to post your content and not help out your fellow community members, they’ll notice. 
As this group grows, it may seem like people don’t notice your presence and how you show up, but they do. 
4. Share your thoughts and experiences because they are valuable to others. 
We all know, this industry is a complicated one.  The more insights and guidance, the better!