Public Relations & Online Reputation Management

All Veterinarians should have a Public Relations Manager on speed dial.  Public relations (PR) is the practice of managing the spread of information between media outlets and the public.   Vets and Pets Marketing Solutions is connected to local and national media outlets throughout North America.

Although there are artificial ways to affect your online reputation, we can ensure we effectively create positive impressions with lasting power.  We create reputations that last!  Vets and Pets Marketing Solutions releases positive content pieces about a clinic to counter negative organic content, we respond to online reviews in a manner to diffuse negative impressions, we monitor your social media outlets almost 24 hours a day to ensure negative content is handled or removed in a timely fashion, and we strategize with you to present yourself in the most positive light.

We also understand with the veterinary industry facing not only a crushing lack of regulatory body support, often colleges are handing down suspensions and pubic repremands.  If you feel you may find yourself being viewed in a negative light to the public, we can assist in navigating you through the process and aid you in gaining a more positive public perspective, with the least amount of fallout.