Instagram Stories: Snapchat But Better

Instagram Stories


I truly believe Instagram Stories is Snapchat but better.  It’s only been a day since I’ve had a chance to try it out, but so far I think it’s superior to the Snapchat version.

I like Snapchat.  I believe it’s a great app and with 100 million active users, it’s embraced by many, mostly in the 13-37 age range.  I encourage the clients I work with to use it as a “behind the scenes” platform for pet parents to get a quick glimpse of “a day in the life of.”  You can review my social media platform breakdown I wrote about previously.





Now on scene is Instagram Stories. Rolling out globally for iOS and Android. Some say Instagram Stories is just Snapchat with lipstick on, but in my opinion it’s stilettos, ball gowns and tiaras above Snapchat for one simple reason.  It’s way more user friendly and has great options.  That said, Snapchat isn’t going anywhere.  These two will garner their own audience loyalty.

This Stories option is going to open up some great potential to reach pet parents and share some great happenings in your clinic.  Consider doing a pre/post op story, or a new puppy exam story from arrival in reception through the exam then going home.  Or how about showing all those amazing Fear Free steps clinics should be taking with pet kids? 

Let’s take a closer look at Instagram Stories:


Go ahead and update your Instagram app.  Log out of your Instagram account.  Then log back in. You should now have Instagram Stories available.


Install Instagram Stories            Screenshot_20160803-162604



You should now see a flashy NEW icon.  Go on … give it a tap.  Moving forward tap the + in the top left of Instagram to create a new story or swipe right from the feed.  


Instagram Stories


Tap and hold to shoot a video that will last for 1 day.  You can also upload items from the last 24 hours that are on your camera roll.

Share your moments.  Get creative.  Control who you share with.


Instagram StoriesInstagram StoriesInstagram Stories



For those that follow you, they’re now able to “tap in” to view your Instagram Story instead of it being pushed into a single feed. Your followers can then swipe up to reply to your Instagram Stories, which are delivered through Instagram Direct private messages



Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat


  • Instagram Stories are found at the top of the main feed instead of on a separate screen like Snapchat. 
  • Stories, if set to public, can be viewed by anyone.  (Though you do have an option to block specific people from viewing)
  • You can pause a slideshow, or preview a slide for a second time with Instagram Stories, but you’re limited to Snapchat’s continuous progressing Stories.
  • Instagram Stories has 3, count them 3 brush styles for getting creative, unlke Snapchat’s lack of brush options.
  • Instagram Stories offers excellent drawing options and custom colour selections leaving Snapchat far behind with it’s challenging customizing interface.   
  • Unlike Snapchat, there is no way to see who captured a screenshot of your story.
  • Instagram Stories are sorted by who you interact with the most, unlike Snapchat that shows up chronologically.  


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