News Release Distribution

If you see a Veterinarian in the news, Vets and Pets Marketing Solutions very likely had a hand in getting them there. The proper timing, content and distribution of a news release offers you an opportunity to received industry mentions, local and national coverage, positions your clinic or spokesperson as experts in the pet industry,… Read more »

Human Resource Consulting

  It’s often said that you can’t have a great customer experience without first having a great employee experience.  So your clinic’s people and culture can either be your greatest asset or your biggest liability.  If you’re spending more and more of your time dealing with common employee issues including bad behaviour poor teamwork and… Read more »

Public Relations & Online Reputation Management

All Veterinarians should have a Public Relations Manager on speed dial.  Public relations (PR) are the practice of managing the spread of information between media outlets and the public.
Vets and Pets Marketing Solutions are connected to local and national media outlets throughout North America.

Virtual Assistant

Using a Virtual Assistant can shave hours from your work week, dealing with those administrative tasks you or your staff don’t have time to complete. Appointment follow up calls / Vaccine Reminders / Account Collection / Database Entry / Managing Email / Social Tasks / Travel Research / Industry Knowledge Updates / Projects & Research… Read more »

Speaking Engagements

  I’m often asked if I do speaking engagements — the answer is an enormous YES! I’ve given lectures on social media and marketing strategies to the veterinarian industry to crowds, as well as small talks to clinics with fewer than a dozen people. I can speak about my personal experience from the trenches, or… Read more »