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Before You Photograph That Adorable Pet In Clinic ….

  Your adorable pet patients are your biggest marketing asset.  Puppy dog eyes, kitten whiskers, and fancy feathered noggins all lead to photograph marketing genius. If you’re not photographing each and every pet kid that comes through your clinic doors, you’re missing out and here are some great reasons why:   most pet parents will… Read more »

Marketing your veterinary emergency practice.

Marketing For Your Emergency Animal Clinic

  Emergency veterinary medicine can be tricky to market.  Gone are the days that you plunk an ad in the Yellow Pages and hope when a pet emergency happens pet parents will thumb through and land on yours.  Clients used to rely on the nearest hospital for care, but they no longer select an emergency clinic… Read more »

Teeth Baring Veterinary Social Media

    Your passion is pet medicine but with the ever increasing pressure to have a social media presence to attract new clients and keep current clients loyal, veterinary clinics often find themselves posting, tweeting, and instagram’ing without purpose.  I implore you to not make the blunders below that are “teeth baring worthy” in the veterinary… Read more »

Employee and management conflict in your veterinary practice

Human Resource – Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Sometimes you just have to ask; Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?  We’ve all had to work with people we don’t like.  They can turn a job you otherwise love into your own daily personal hell and a human resource nightmare.  “Conflict happens”, to paraphrase the bumper sticker. Overall, you genuinely enjoy work. You… Read more »

Need a Laugh? This Stuff Never Gets Old

                        Entertainment for your lunch break: