Teeth Baring Veterinary Social Media

    Your passion is pet medicine but with the ever increasing pressure to have a social media presence to attract new clients and keep current clients loyal, veterinary clinics often find themselves posting, tweeting, and instagram’ing without purpose.  I implore you to not make the blunders below that are “teeth baring worthy” in the veterinary… Read more »

Employee and management conflict in your veterinary practice

Human Resource – Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Sometimes you just have to ask; Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?  We’ve all had to work with people we don’t like.  They can turn a job you otherwise love into your own daily personal hell and a human resource nightmare.  “Conflict happens”, to paraphrase the bumper sticker. Overall, you genuinely enjoy work. You… Read more »

Need a Laugh? This Stuff Never Gets Old

                        Entertainment for your lunch break: