Pokémon GO: Marketing Your Veterinary Practice

Pokémon GO: Marketing Your Veterinary Practice.

Use Pokémon GO as a marketing tool for your veterinary practice.  Veterinarians might find Pokémon GO irrelevant to their business, but since the game is geographically based, there are a number of ways you can use it to attract local players to your location and, hopefully, convert them into clients.                  … Read more »

Which Social Media Platform is for You?

Which Social Media Platform is for You?

  Which social media platform is for you? When you’re done reading this blog, you’ll know which social media platform will work best for your veterinary practice.  When I tell people I’m a Digital Marketing Consultant, I usually get the look that says “oh, she plays on social media all day”.  There are so many social media… Read more »

Spell check your veterinary practice blogs.

The Importance of Spell Check

Spell check.  What’s the deal? With the emergence of social media and blog posts being a marketing must in the competitive world of veterinary clinics, you can easily lose that competitive edge in a flash by using bad grammar and having spelling mistakes.  The reality is, if clinics don’t take the time to make sure their… Read more »

Photography consent in veterinary clinics

Before You Photograph That Adorable Pet In Clinic ….

  Your adorable pet patients are your biggest marketing asset.  Puppy dog eyes, kitten whiskers, and fancy feathered noggins all lead to photograph marketing genius. If you’re not photographing each and every pet kid that comes through your clinic doors, you’re missing out and here are some great reasons why:   most pet parents will… Read more »

Marketing your veterinary emergency practice.

Marketing For Your Emergency Animal Clinic

  Emergency veterinary medicine can be tricky to market.  Gone are the days that you plunk an ad in the Yellow Pages and hope when a pet emergency happens pet parents will thumb through and land on yours.  Clients used to rely on the nearest hospital for care, but they no longer select an emergency clinic… Read more »