Facebook Live

Facebook Live: Desktop/Laptop Access

Facebook Live from your desktop/laptop:  Are you ready to finally “Go Facebook Live”?   The awkwardness of having to go “Facebook Live” from your tablet or Smartphone are in the past. Today, Facebook is rolling out access to “Facebook Live” from your desktop or laptop. Access is being rolled out to personal profiles as well… Read more »

Which Social Media is for you

Which Social Media Platform is for You?

  Which social media platform is for you? When you’re done reading this blog, you’ll know which social media platform will work best for your veterinary practice.  When I tell people I’m a Digital Marketing Consultant, I usually get the look that says “oh, she plays on social media all day”.  There are so many social media… Read more »

Halloween Marketing Tips: For Veterinary Practices

    Our 8 Halloween Marketing tips for veterinary practices will help turn social media scrollers into page likers and followers.  Help you gain client loyalty.  Assist you in finding new clients by capturing their attention.   Halloween offers up a great marketing opportunity.  It allows your veterinary practice to launch some fun and interesting social… Read more »

Twitter: What you need to know

Twitter Moments: Everything You Need To Know

First released in October 2015 to select users, Twitter Moments is now available to everyone and that makes this release very exciting!       Twitter Moments allows users to compile multiple tweets to be viewed in a slideshow format.               This Twitter video gives you a brief overview… Read more »

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories: Snapchat But Better

  I truly believe Instagram Stories is Snapchat but better.  It’s only been a day since I’ve had a chance to try it out, but so far I think it’s superior to the Snapchat version. I like Snapchat.  I believe it’s a great app and with 100 million active users, it’s embraced by many, mostly… Read more »