Instagram: Snapchat But Better

Instagram Stories: Snapchat But Better

  I truly believe Instagram Stories is Snapchat but better.  It’s only been a day since I’ve had a chance to try it out, but so far I think it’s superior to the Snapchat version. I like Snapchat.  I believe it’s a great app and with 100 million active users, it’s embraced by many, mostly… Read more »

Employee Stress In Your Veterinary Practice

Employee stress in your veterinary practice is a very real thing.  My work day typically begins the same way either at my hub veterinary practice or when spending my day in client practices.  I stop to grab a coffee for myself and my colleagues along with a pack of assorted Tim Bits.   My first… Read more »

Facebook Groups: Keeping Out The Spammers

Facebook Groups: Keeping Out The Spammers

Tips For Facebook Group Admins: Spotting a Facebook Group Spammer   Facebook groups are incredibly popular to those of us that like the idea of community with “like-minded” people. However, spammers also like the idea of infiltrating groups, and keeping out a Facebook group spammer can become a full time job.  I run a community… Read more »

The 6 Must Do Steps to Handling Client Complaints

The 6 Must Do Steps to Client Complaints

It doesn’t matter how great a clinic you have and how amazing the veterinary care is; you’re going to get client complaints. How you handle them is what will make the difference with your reputation management. First, let me say that you should encourage candid communication with your clients.  Complaints typically have some fact in… Read more »

Facebook: More Control for Users in 2016

Facebook: More Control for Users in 2016

    Facebook has offered up more control for users as changes continue to roll out, including a new look for profiles and business pages.  This is all part of the bomb Facebook dropped to change their algorithms and start prioritizing the posts of friends and family in the newsfeed over those of business pages.  … Read more »